The origins of Traversone are unknown. The only thing we know for sure is that it derived from Tressette. Effectively speaking, it is the mirror image of this game, with the only difference being that instead of trying to win, the objective is to lose. There is obviously no “shout”. The team that does not lose wins. The losing team is the one that is first to reach the set score (identical to Tressette, that is to say 11, 21 or 31 points).

Many know Tressette a Perdere as an individual game, in which each player is pitched against all the others, without teams of any sort, and in which the winner is the player who has acquired the fewest points at the end of the round. The points are counted in the same way as Tressette, but as there is no “shout”, they will not be added to the total points accumulated at the end of the round.

In Tressette a Perdere, you may talk during your turn, as in traditional Tressette. You can consult the rules of traditional Tressette, which are suitable for establishing how to play Biska’s Tressette a Perdere.