The Poker texas hold'em Legend

We all know about Five-Card Draw Poker. Ever since childhood, we have all timidly sought to understand the arcane meaning behind expressions such as “check”, “fold”, “call”, “raise”, etc. Growing up, most of us have broken the ice and have started our descent along the path towards Christmas poker nights.

Today, the legendary Five-Card Draw Poker has made way for its more fortunate successor. Texas Hold’em Poker, also known as Texan Poker, primarily differs from the traditional game due to the fact that it is not played with five cards, but with two. Texas Hold'em Poker uses an Anglo-American deck of 52 cards (the complete deck, but without the two jokers).

“What?”, some will ask. “Just two cards? Well, that’s fine, I’ll have a pair of aces!” Yes, that’s just how it works, with the only difference that the combination always comprises a maximum of five cards, choosing the best hand we are able to make with our two cards (kept secret from the other players) and five communal cards placed on the table. This technique is a little similar to “Teresina” (or “Telesina”), a variant of poker.

It is easy to imagine an “oddity” of this kind completely transforming the classic game of poker, turning it into a battle in which strategy and knowing how to read the opponent’s hidden cards have even more solid grounds than those of traditional poker.