The "Away rule" is a common rule of all card games in Biska.

There is a fixed time limit in which a Player can act during his turn.

In the event no action is taken by the Player when this time limit is over, the Player status automatically changes to "Away". 
An "Away" inscription will then be visible under the Username of that Player.

Player Away

From this moment Biska's Server will take control of the Player and will carry out actions that don't imply betting in Poker matches (Fold or Check when possible) and will throw a card in a random way in games where a Player is due to throw a card during his turn.

The Player keeps the "Away" status until the end of the match or until he clicks on the "I'm back" button, in which case the game will continue as normal.

Rejoin game from away

In team games, such as Tresette, in the event a player leaves the table he will pay twice the amount of the Buy-in since his team mate will not be charged for the loss (except for the match fee that both players will lose).
The team mate that is left alone at the table will not receive a penalty on his reliability either.