Burraco is one of the most popular foreign card games to be played in Italy. Today, the Federazione Italiana Burraco (F.I.Bur. – the Italian Burraco Federation) boasts a vast, extensive network, equal in size to the chess federation. There are thousands of Burraco enthusiasts in Italy, who take part in tournaments in the regional and provincial clubs.

The game is played with the same cards as Texas Hold'em Poker, that is to say with an Anglo-American deck (with spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts). Unlike poker, the two jokers in the pack are also used and, instead of using just one deck, two identical decks are used. When played in person, it’s usual to use two decks with different coloured backs (usually red and blue), making a total of 108 cards.

Here at Biska we have taken a very serious approach to the challenge of providing fans of this game with the best possible playing environment, offering our famous 3D visual graphics, animated players and breath-taking scenery in which you can lose yourself as you wait for the table to fill up. In addition to “knock-out” games, we are also developing one of the most interesting Burraco Tournament systems ever created online.

The game interface has been designed to offer the best possible card use, selection and playing experience, as can be appreciated in the video instructions on how to create a combination or by clicking on the following image: Please remember to read the Burraco rules used in the Biska game, which were drawn up after careful examination of the Federazione Italiana Gioco Burraco (F.I.Bur.) regulations. Below, you will also find some pages which explain the strategy of the game and its jargon, as well as some interesting facts and tips which will help you learn its secrets, its history, and strategies for melding and discarding in the game of Burraco: